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The Forthcoming
Investors of tokenized real estate assets benefit from real estate investments without the existing complications. Tokenization not only improves transparency but also enhances efficiency between all domestic and cross-border transactions, thus increasing liquidity and simplifying the process of purchasing real estate. The mission of UPRETs is to provide a regulated online market place where international real estate assets are digitally purchased in fractions and traded from all corners of the world.
Benefits of Tokenization

Accessible and Liquid Assets

Full Transparency

Diversified Portfolio

Sell Property in a Timely Manner

Service Procedure


Users set up an account and go through an automated KYC/AML screening. Once completed, users can fund the account and buy the tokens.

Select and Purchase Property Share

Users compare and buy the tokens of a particular property that fits their investment style.

Earn Dividends

Token holders will recieve dividends/income from their investment.


Liquidate shares by listing them on a licensed exchange and trade with other buyers and sellers.

Why Blockchain

Automated distribution allocation triggered by smart contract
Property information is thoroughly recorded into blockchain, each property is marked with a unique ID
Real-time transaction data is written into blockchain
Share purchasing / trading information is transparent and traceable

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